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Unlock the power of your unconscious mind and bring your intuition to a whole new level of awareness.

For a limited time only pay only 97$ per month for 6 month (tax included) and also gain access to our online community where you can share and practice with other like minded individuals.


Are you ready to tap into your mind’s ability to acquire information beyond your 5 physical senses? Imagine learning to master your psychic and intuitive abilities in just under 7 hours!

  • Influence people and outcomes around you
  • Prepare for future events by knowing them in advance
  • Predict the rhythms of the world you live in

The 7 Lost Senses™ DVD Training Program contains a revolutionary way to develop your mind’s full potential. Enjoy the culmination of over a decade of research that includes interviews with many psychics, mediums and intuitives, and documentation from my own and my students’ journeys. Learn cutting edge techniques that have been tested, practiced and refined. This is a training program like you’ve never seen before. Crystal clear video and audio, professionally shot in high-definition, the 7 Lost Senses DVD training program is an enjoyable and entertaining treat. Relax and absorb the training from the comfort of your own chair as you develop your mind’s unbelievable power. The accompanying workbook will encourage you to make this journey your own.

Take the training module by module, or all at once! Own the course and enjoy it again and again.

The 7 Lost Senses™ DVD Training Program demystifies the notion of psychic powers.  You will learn the universal laws which guide the 7 Lost Senses. Soon these new senses will be as natural as sight sound and taste.  Watch ordinary people start developing the skills you’ll also soon master through these specifically designed and tested exercises.

Easily stretch your mind to a whole new level!

7 major insights you’ll learn in The 7 Lost Senses™ DVD Training Program:

  1. Why every genius and psychic uses the famous “6th sense”
  2. The different ways in which psychics, intuitives and mediums access their information
  3. A 7-step process to develop your own intuitive and psychic abilities
  4. Key words for each sense that will trigger your mind to start accessing information outside your 5 physical senses
  5. How to recognize someone’s energy bubble and energetic field
  6. How you can describe far away or hidden objects with your mind’s eye
  7. How to gain information about people before meeting them in person

But that’s not all: Get a Very Intuitive Person (V.I.P.) Membership Access the all new members’ V.I.P. training area. Here, you’ll practice your new found abilities with like-minded individuals. We keep it simple so our students can learn in a supportive community. Enjoy the community privately and confidentially with avatar usernames. The 7 Lost Senses™ Tele-Coaching Sessions The ultimate investment in yourself; get one-on-one coaching to better understand what you are now sensing, define your strengths, and further develop your abilities.

Finally, because we are grateful to be doing this work and touching so many people’s lives, The 7 Lost Senses™ DVD Training Program also includes 3 special gifts!

  1. A technique to communicate with your Spirit Guide, Inner Self-Helpers or Higher Self with one single powerful phrase.
  2. A simple strategy to help you understand why they are with you and how you can work with them in your daily life.
  3. 7 powerful phrases to help you live from a place of humility, empathy, and joy. 

Once you know how to contact your guides you’ll realize that you’re never alone.

Consider these 4 key investments or breakthroughs in the field of mind/brain development over last 50 years:

  • In the 1960s, a story in “Science et Vie,” a French magazine, reported that the United States was conducting experiments in telepathy to communicate with submarines.
  • In 1970, the US Federal Government sponsored a 20 million dollar research program on military applications of psychic powers.
  • In 2012 the U.S. Office of Naval Research pointed to sixth-sense research on how “humans can detect and act on unique patterns without consciously and intentionally analyzing them,” in the hopes of encouraging intuition in the brains of new soldiers, Marines and other troops with little or no battlefield experience.
  • During a news conference on April 2, 2013, President Obama announced that he would seek an initial expenditure of 100 million dollars for the 2014 fiscal year for the BRAIN (Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies) Initiative – a “research effort to revolutionize our understanding of the human mind and uncover new ways to treat, prevent, and cure brain disorders.” Additional support will be provided by the Allen Institute for Brain Science, the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, the Kavli Foundation, and the Salk Institute for Biological Studies. The total cost has been projected to cost 300 million dollars per year for the next 10 years. That’s three billion (not million) dollars to know how the brain works.

Other clients have put their new skills to good use. What would you accomplish with your psychic abilities?

Medicine & Alternative Medicine:

  • Find the root causes of illnesses and ailments much more rapidly and accurately.
  • Increase your ability to understand and empathize with your patients.
  • Develop medical intuitive abilities by visualizing patients with your mind’s capacity to key in on specific organs and illnesses.


  • Better understand how your students think so that you can more effectively interact with them.
  • Better recognize your child or student’s learning difficulties, plan the best course of action, and more effectively help them build on their successes.


  • Be more confident.
  • Discover who to trust and where to use caution.
  • Make more accurate financial projections and cash flow charts.
  • Easily gain rapport with your leads and prospect.
  • Read clients much more efficiently – anticipate objections and problematic situations.
  • Knowing the outcome of your projects, target your efforts on projects that will really count.
  • Streamline your sales process by knowing more rapidly who to target.
  • Develop a greater confidence at discerning between successful and unsuccessful contracts: bring into your awareness key success indicators that your subconscious is already identifying.
  • Make more intuitive and effective decisions that will help your business thrive.


  • Know what your opponents are thinking, and how to better negotiate to win.
  • Truly find the other party’s weaknesses, strengths, interests or hidden agenda.
  • Use your insights to enhance the effectiveness of your negotiations and resolve conflicts promptly.


  • Gain a sense of objects and physical locations at a distance so that you can more easily work with people at other locations and gain better insights of challenges they may face.
  • Create drawings of what your competitors’ prototypes.

Now, that’s only a sample of all the feedback we got from clients in various industries and professions. Imagine how you could excel in your industry with your new abilities! The 7 Lost Senses™ DVD Training Program will help you read people and situations much faster. Each module contains a whole new world of information. For example, intuitive perception is not limited to a 6th Sense! There are 7 Lost Senses™. Discover each Lost Sense and what is possible with each one! Perceive subtle energies that you previously did not notice. Benefit from this new awareness! The biggest problem with new awareness? No words to describe your new experience!

I had to create a whole new way to for you to communicate what your mind would suddenly be able to perceive.

Our language is oriented to the 5 physical senses, not the perception of subtle energies. Since the language wasn’t there for you to identify these abilities and the information they provide, I created a set of key words for each sense – words that will enable you to communicate with others in a “new” way while waking up those parts of your mind that were lost countless centuries ago. The 7 Lost Senses™ DVD Training Program even enhances and complements other trainings or disciplines you may have taken such as:


  • Gain a better understanding of how the 7 Lost Senses™ are related to the chakra system.
  • Increase your ability to intuitively read and decipher your clients’ chakras and energy patterns.


  • Increase your abilities to read life energies and chi. Expand your level of awareness by allowing in information that is currently beyond your present realm of perception.


  • Bring your NLP skills to a whole new level by getting seven new senses to work with.
  • Get new sets of predicates to enhance your work. I am sure you can already envision how powerful your NLP will become when you use seven new filters to perceive and conceive your reality.
  • Develop instant credibility with others when they see how fast you are able to tell them things about their past before they utter a single word about it.

What’s included in The 7 Lost Senses™ Online Training Program?

  1. 7 hours of engaging HD training material.
  2. One of a kind workbook supporting the video’s innovative development of extra sensory perception.
  3. A “Word Descriptor List” for each of the 7 Lost Senses™ to activate your subtle senses and assist communication about them.
  4. One 45-minute 7 Lost Senses™ tele-coaching sessions ($300 value) to fine tune and focus what you have just learned.

Okay, by now you’re probably wondering… If it’s that easy why isn’t everybody developing their psychic abilities in 7 hours? Because most people do not have the benefit of my expertise. I didn’t just come up with this overnight! I started my exploration of developing intuitive and psychic abilities over 25 years ago. Once I started putting all the pieces of this puzzle together, I started developing a totally new way to perceive reality. Over the following decade, I took even more courses, did more research and worked at testing and proving my techniques. I have distilled decades of experience into a course that can transform your ability to perceive the world around you in just 7 hours.

Allow yourself to drift back to when you were a small child…

  • Did you ever pretend you had superpowers or play make-believe that you could see through walls, fly in dreams to faraway places, or hear something at a distance?

Did you…

  • Ever know who was calling before the phone started ringing?
  • Ever have a gut feeling that made you know things that you could not explain, but you knew you were right? And, later it was confirmed that you were right?

If you’re like everyone else who has had these thoughts or dreams, or who wants to boost their mind’s ability, then I am sure that this program is for you… I am text block. Click edit button to change this text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

Now, let me ask you this… Are you willing to take a chance? Are you willing to give yourself the chance to learn? Will you allow yourself the opportunity to develop rock solid confidence? Because trust me, once you start discovering or enhancing your natural psychic and intuitive abilities, you’ll start increasing your self-confidence and feeling that much more assured in your navigation through life.

Ready? Then, let’s do it! My unique 7-step process is ready to guide you to success. In The 7 Lost Senses™ Training DVDs, you’re going to see the live progress of students going through this program. You’ll see the way they interact with each other. You’ll see how they cautiously test their abilities. You’ll see their amazement as they truly gain information! You’ll see how they, exercise by exercise, build their confidence. You’ll see how YOU can master the feelings, images and sounds that you’ll also discover when you participate in this course.

Get ready to… •    Allow yourself to see information from people’s true selves. •    Use the power of intention to focus your mind on finding the specific answers you’re looking for. •    Become more confident in listening and working with the information you receive. •    Say good-bye to second guessing anything!

Here’s just a glimpse of what you get in these seven modules:

Module 1 The Sense of Imagination (The 6th Sense):

  • Learn what the Sense of Imagination really is, and why it’s so crucial for understanding the other 7 Lost Senses™ and tapping into other realms, space and time.
  • Learn about geniuses, mediums, psychics and seers using this subtle sense to predict and create new trends.
  • Learn how you already perceive and conceive objects, places and people in your mind before you ever experience them in a more limited way with your 5 senses.
  • Learn how to see and read someone’s energy bubble and energy levels so that you can more easily create a rapport with them.
  • Begin training yourself to see objects in the realm of imagination, the way psychics do, so that you increase your ability to see them remotely or in advance.

Module 2 The Sense of Balance (The 7th Sense):

  • This is the second most powerful subtle sense. The Sense of Balance acts as a barometer for your 5 physical senses and as a gatekeeper for your other 6 subtle senses.
  • Intricately used with the Sense of Imagination, the Sense of Balance is always used to bring new inventions into the world. It is the subtle sense that separates the innovators from the dreamers. Learn how to use the Sense of Balance to enhance balance, innovation and a sense of “rightness” with the information you get from your inner and outer worlds.
  • Understand how you already use this sense to work with your inner child and adult self; and how to more easily perceive the inner child and adult self in others.
  • Learn to recognize how you sense and physically feel information from the past, present and future.
  • Begin feeling the sense of balance as it measures, regulates and attunes your reality with your beliefs, thoughts, emotions, choices, decisions and attitudes.
  • For those of you working in the human potential movement, this is the sense that you will most often use to help yourself or your clients move towards rediscovering the True Self. Imbalance indicates a path of self-destruction. Achieving balance is on the path of self-realization, and it enhances the capacity to develop self-esteem, self-love, self-confidence, self-worth, self-respect, and self-realization.

Module 3 The Sense of Life (The 8th Sense):

  • The Sense of Life helps you gain access to information about the state of vitality of products, foods, individuals and businesses beyond the space-time continuum.
  • You use it to calibrate light and dark frequencies. Using a pen and paper, you’ll learn to effectively gauge the emotional content of people’s lives, from traumas to their happiest memories.
  • Similar to sensing vitality on this side, the Sense of Life can give you the intensity of love a person is emanating on the Other Side.
  • Experiment with sensing and choosing the best foods to eat by sensing their level of vitality.
  • Some clients have mentioned that once they started to understand and use this sense with more discipline, they started losing weight. The Sense of Life enabled them see and feel the value of the best real foods for themselves, and they just couldn’t go back to eating the way they used to.
  • This module, especially, contains very valuable information for those working in the fields of life sciences, medicine or alternative medicine (performing health assessments, diagnosis or prognosis).

Module 4 The Sense of Voice (The 9th Sense):

  • The Sense of Voice allows you to sense, or hear, the essence of voices more clearly. Learn how to tap into this sense in order to better filter and interpret the emotional content and subtle energies of people.
  • Learn how to better listen and “hear” the emotions others are feeling at any point during their life’s journey.
  • Discover the importance of archetypical energies in people’s voices, and practice recognizing them.
  • Learn how to pick up on someone’s career orientation, mission, vocation and calling.

Module 5 The Sense of Movement (The 10th Sense):

  • The Sense of Movement allows you to sense and measure fluctuations and variations in areas such as health, finances, and mood patterns.
  • You can use it to allow you to perceive energy, vibrational fluctuations beyond the visible realm.
  • Practice sensing how a person’s health or finance has gone through in the last couple of months or years and the direction you think it is heading for the next couple of years.

Module 6 The Sense of Warmth (The 11th Sense):

  • Ever wonder why companies use colors the way they do, or why a huge part of branding has to do with color? Can you imagine a coke bottle with the color green, the Facebook logo in purple, or McDonald’s with dark arches? Changes your whole perception, doesn’t it? Well you’ve just experienced your mind using the Sense of Warmth along with the Sense of Balance. In business, the Sense of Warmth builds and maintains loyalty between you and your clients, as well as your providers. You can use it to grow your leadership abilities and inspire others to walk in your path.  For children, the Sense of Warmth is critical to parenting, particularly during the early years.
  • You’ll see, feel and discuss the importance of the Sense of Warmth in human interaction: from warm and friendly conversations, to appropriate situations for creating or modulating distance, to dismissive cold attitudes that prevent a healthy connection.
  • Read body language and nonverbal communication.
  • Discuss the difference between genuine and false warmth.


Module 7 The Sense of Substance (The 12th Sense):

  • The Sense of Substance allows you to perceive objects, people, locations and/or the material composition of things at a distance. You’ll witness the students describing items without any prior knowledge of the object.
  • Learn how matter and substance work with your mind’s eye.  Practice explaining what you see to others.
  • Learn to recognize if there is substance in what someone is saying.
  • Learn a meditation to enhance the clarity your mind’s ability when visualizing objects.

Within these Modules you’ll also…

  • Learn how to use each sense’s list of descriptors, designed help you to activate and reclaim each of your 7 Lost Senses™.
  • Learn how to work with space and time so that you can “see” someone’s past, present and future more easily just like mediums, intuitive and psychics.
  • Use a technique with a pen and a piece of paper where each of the subtle senses, individually or simultaneously, creates a person’s timeline.
  • Learn the value of practicing and keeping a diary of your impressions.

We went all out for you!

We spent countless hours making sure we prepared everything just right. We shot The 7 Lost Senses™ DVD Training Program in HD so that you could follow along and relate your progress to the evolution and the success of the students in the video.

Here are samples of what my team put into this superior DVD training program:


  • Solid adult learning design that enables you to do the exercises by yourself, with others or with us as you follow along.
  • Based on the course that I have already used to successfully train people – and refined based on client feedback.
  • Totally new look with new information for each of the 7 Lost Senses™ such as associated chakras, word descriptor lists, and images.


  • Finding the ideal venue, best camera angles and lighting for the video.
  • Intuitively finding people who would allow themselves to be vulnerable on camera in order for you to learn. Reading others is easy but allowing others to see things about you and mention them on camera is very different.
  • The video participants were not briefed on what they were truly about to go through. They were, however, willing to simply go with the flow, learn and have fun so that you could do the same.
  • With our award winning director and producer, we made the video fun and easy to watch – while highlighting the emotions and evolution the students go through.
  • The dedication to high quality production guarantees an enhanced opportunity for you to relate to the video participants and move ahead reclaiming your 7 Lost Senses™.

Are you beginning to see how much I want you to develop, enhance, and perfect your intuitive and psychic abilities by using these 7 Lost Senses™?

Why am I telling you all this…

You’re buying a thoroughly thought out, well-designed and produced training package that is clear and visually appealing – and “live” in the truest sense of the word. The event was live so you can truly see and join an experience where people develop psychic and intuitive abilities within 7 hours.

Travel to the future for a moment and imagine yourself being part of a group that uses their 12 senses.

Let’s face it, the future is approaching much faster, yet we still operate our brains with less than a tenth of their power. Isn’t it time you learned how to get the most out of your most important asset: your mind?

Our species has been evolving for well over 200,000 years, yet has only become tremendously self-aware over the past century, opening up ground-breaking opportunities to reclaim and develop the mind’s true capacity.

I am afraid of seeing or attracting negative energies

Although like attracts like and you will be better able to sense what you (and others) are bringing into your lives, the subtle senses that you are reclaiming, are just that: senses. They measure energies and help you observe and calibrate them. Still not sure you want to learn how to use them? Would avoiding the use of flashlights, which would literally keep you in the dark, keep you safer? No. Although children can swim underwater in the months following their birth, would you deny your children swimming lessons? Would this keep them safer in the water? Of course not! I believe it’s completely safe and natural to reclaim and consciously use these senses. They have always been there – and you have probably been using them for years at an unconscious level.

You won’t even need to remember each sense by name once you start using them it will become natural with practice.

Jam-packed with expert advice, cutting-edge information and effective exercises:

  • How to go beyond second guessing by becoming more confident in listening and working with the answers you are getting
  • How to allow yourself to see information 
  • How to use the power of intention to focus your mind on finding the answers you’re looking for
  • Discover which sense you use the most
  • A meditation to enhance your mind’s ability to visualize objects and environments in your mind’s eye

Get the maximum benefits from your psychic abilities!

Here are testimonials about the coaching sessions:

Here is what one of our students had to say about reading the book after the course.
“Reading your book is opening my senses even more…”
Nina Rodrigues-


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