About Alain

Meet Alain Jean Baptiste

Alain is inspiring a global consciousness movement based on the transformative power of Lead Intuitively™. He has worked with hundreds of high-profile business leaders who have gone on to achieve incredible success such as the Montreal Chamber of Commerce Business Man of the YearREFAP and Business Woman and Professional Woman of the Year (to name a few) as well as corporate companies and governmental organizations such as Sports Experts, Radio Canada, the RCMP and more to provide the innovative 21st century Lead Intuitively™ workshops. He is author of the trailblazing book “The 7 Lost Senses”, that shows you how to achieve twelve sensory living and unleash the full power of your intuitive abilities within.

“Reawaken your natural intuitive abilities and consciously create success.”

With over 25 years of experience as an Intuitive Strategist, Medium and Licensed Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Trainer, Alain Jean-Baptiste is a highly sought-after business consultant, leadership trainer and spiritual advisor. Alain offers one-on-one consultation for top-level business executives, financial agents and CEOs as well as public and private event keynote speaking, training workshops and online membership training programs. Alain is known for his profound ability to help people from all walks of life achieve amazing results and become intuitive leaders who consciously create success.